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Address TRC Vegas Krokus Siti, MKAD (Moscow Ring Road), 67 km, Moscow, Russia
Stage Commissioned
Implementation year 2014
Implementation term 30 days


Vegas Krokus Siti is one of the most fashionable multi-function complexes in Moscow.

The business model of Krokus Siti demonstrates high efficiency for more than 15 years. Krokus Siti (90 ha), established in 2001, is a full-fledged megapolis which is daily visited by from 100 thousand up to 1 million people.

Five-level space of Vegas Krokus Siti embodies a completely unique architecture. The exact copies of the famous New York Times Square and Rockefeller Center with a giant statue of Prometheus on the water were recreated in here. More than half of the Vegas Krocus Siti spaces are the entertainment formats.

Certainly, a property in such a class complex is “must-have” for any self-respecting brand.

At the end of April 2014, we started the construction of a new Levi's store in Vegas Krokus Siti.

The project was not the easiest because we opened simultaneously with the Shopping center and the majority of its tenants, but we coped.

On June 29, 2014, together with the Shopping complex and our companions in fortune to become pioneers of an interesting project, we finished the work.


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