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Address ul. Matrosskaya tishina, 23, stroyeniye 1, Moscow
Stage Commissioned
Implementation year 2013
Implementation term 14 days


While developing our office we strived to build for each of our employees and visitors a real home filled with coziness atmosphere, giving every person who comes at our home a positive energy charge, and completely reflecting the company’s features as well as its goals and principles.

At the same time, working on our own office, we were not limited by the thinking frameworks of a third-party customer and were able let ourselves to experiment with color and form, work with different textures and materials, think through difficult engineering solutions within the complex building with a long history, achieve confidence that the work on an office project for us is not much complex and not less interesting than the work on a retail facility.

We have combined the elements of the fashionable today as well as really warm and cozy loft style, leaving a part of concrete surfaces and old brickwork opened; worked with various types of porcelain stoneware and natural stone, used wood in decoration of the walls and ceiling, installed glass and laminated walls and cladding wall panels, worked both with open and close engineering networks laying system, decorated the ceiling with complex forms perfectly cast in gypsum plasterboard, produced separate and built-in furniture and branding elements trying to convey the opinions and talents diversity of our employees but carefully keeping the general atmosphere of opposites unity and positive attitude reflected in bright color accents.

Many customers like to tell new potential counterparties: 'Practice first on cats, then come to us'. Having completed the work in our own office in record time (14 calendar days), tried out in practice dozens of different materials and technical solutions and having received equally high-quality result in each zone, we can safely say: we have trained, and now we come to you.

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