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Project Management and Technical Supervision

The success of any construction project directly depends not only on the level of technical literacy and responsibility of the specific works executors but also on the management quality of a huge amount of interrelated and interconnected processes as well as coordination efficiency of all project participants.

For regular customers, in particular within the framework of projects implementation with franchise partners, the Smart Solutions company in addition provides comprehensive services for design and construction works management, technical supervision, supervision over compliance with the brand-book requirements as well as the client's design concept.

In the provision of project management services, our specialists draw on their own extensive experience in construction projects implementation, use the best international practices and standards of the project management methodologies PMI, IPMA, SCRUM.

At the same time, during project implementation in any format, both as a general designer, general contractor, OEM or branding elements, and as a project managing company, we follow a single set of standards, tools, and principles, always taking care of the Client and project needs.



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